5 Fun Scrapbooks You Can Create with the FREE FollowLife iPhone App!

Organize your beautiful family moments with FollowLife!

Organize your beautiful family moments with FollowLife!

We all have photographs that we cherish. Looking at our favorite photographs and creating beautiful art with them via scrapbooking is a fun hobby for many of us! What if you had a way to create beautiful photo-art scrapbooks for FREE on your phone, and could save them and share them with all your family and friends? Now you can, with FollowLife, the new, free iPhone app! Here are 5 fun scrapbooks that you can create!




You probably have dozens of photographs that you took during the holidays in December. What better way to remember them than by organizing them into a beautiful scrapbook? You could create a scrapbook page for each part of the holidays: opening presents, pictures of family members together, your home décor, your holiday food, and more! Have the fun of reminiscing throughout the year about the fun you and your loved ones had during the holiday season with a digital scrapbook on FollowLife! You could even create gifts in the FollowLife store (mugs, mouse pads, etc.) to give to your family members this upcoming holiday season!


Oh, don’t you wish you were on vacation right now? Relive the fun you had on your last vacation every day by making a digital scrapbook with your trip photos! Each page in the scrapbook could be a different place you visited, a different day, or simply great photos of you and your family throughout your trip. Enjoy a fun blast back to those days every time you flip through your scrapbook and admire that beautiful sunset you saw, the amazing meal you had, the pretty architecture, and you and your family together, enjoying yourselves!


Life the Dog knows the secret to organizing and enjoying your photos more than ever: the FollowLife app!

Life the Dog knows the secret to organizing and enjoying your photos more than ever: the FollowLife app!

Birthdays are the most joyous day of the year for many of us. They are the day that our friends and family show their love for us and celebrate us. It is a great day to celebrate life! Save those fun birthday moments that you have captured in photos via a Birthday-themed scrapbook on FollowLife. What a sweet (free!) gift it would be to yourself and your children to create digital scrapbooks of your children’s birthdays each year! Don’t let those precious photos get lost in your phone – organize them and cherish them with FollowLife!



A baby being born is such a precious, special time. Capture and save all of the sweet moments of your friends and family members holding your bundle of joy, your baby’s room, your baby’s first day home, and more with FollowLife. Have the fun of organizing these photos of your adorable baby into digital scrapbooks on FollowLife, and share them with your family and friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter – quickly, easily, and for free!


You can make your own wedding photo album and scrapbook for FREE with FollowLife! Whether you are making one for yourself or for a loved one, this is a great way to organize all the beautiful memories of that special day. Many people may email (or post to Facebook) photos of the wedding to you, and rather than having those pictures floating around in your email, cherish them and organize them into a wedding scrapbook that you can admire! Take your photographs to the next level of beauty and fun, and make them into photo art with stunning effects, frames, backgrounds, stickers, text, and more, with FollowLife!

Your favorite photographs can brighten your day in an instant, and with FollowLife, you can have all your favorite photographs organized together by theme, with super fun scrapbooking embellishments and effects! It’s fast, easy, and free!

Every day is a great day to FollowLife! What additional fun life events do you want to document in your own digital scrapbook? No need to fumble through 500 photos on your iPhone anymore – just open a scrapbook you created, and enjoy!

Download FollowLife, the FREE mobile scrapbooking photo art app, from the iTunes App Store at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/followlife/id757770190?mt=8 and have fun creating your own photo art today on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad!


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