Try These 5 Fun Family Photo Ideas!

Capture the joy of your family's laughter in photos!

Capture the joy of your family’s laughter in photos!

You can never have too many family photos! They make beautiful, heartwarming additions to the walls of your home, your computer, wallet, and phone. Here are some fantastic family picture ideas to breathe new life into your traditional photograph poses!


The best lighting you can have for a photo is nature’s lighting: the sun! When you take your photo at a location outside, you can enjoy the benefits of having the natural sunlight enhance your picture. In addition, you can choose from many different kinds of outdoor environments that suit your preferences and your mood. Many families choose parks and big open spaces so that they have the natural beauty of the trees, grass, flowers, and sky in the background.

In Action Doing Something You Love

Another fun idea for your family photo is to have your family photographed in action doing something you love to do together! This is a great way to add your personalized touch to your photo, and to share your interest and increase closeness with your family and friends to whom you send the picture. Choose any activity that your family loves to participate in together, such as bowling, playing video games, cooking, or playing musical instruments, and capture a candid moment of you and your family enjoying that time together!

In Your Home

For many of us, our homes are our favorite place to be. We also spend large amounts of time decorating and beautifying our homes. If your home is your favorite place in the world to be, it makes sense to take your family photo there! Choose a spot in your house that has good lighting (near windows can be preferable) and consider featuring items in the background that you cherish, so that you have some special things in your photo for posterity.

At a Favorite Location

Similar to the idea above of photographing your family in action doing something you love to do is to photograph yourselves at one of your favorite locations. Most people have a few favorite places to which they love to go – why not include that place in your next family photo? Consider taking your family photo at one of your favorite sports stadiums, a golf course, a movie theater, your favorite vacation destination, or wherever your favorite place is!

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Laughter is contagious, as are the emotions that correspond with laughter: joy, delight, and happiness. When we see pictures of people laughing, it makes us happy, and we feel like giggling as well! A great way to infuse more joy into your life and the lives of your family and friends is to capture that magical, beautiful moment of you and your family laughing together, save it, share it, display it, and scrapbook it!

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