3 Gorgeous Collages You Can Make for FREE with FollowLife!

rose-212357_150With FollowLife, the new, FREE photo-art organization app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (available on the App Store here), you can make beautiful, funny, and touching collages that you can share with friends and enjoy yourself! Here are 3 ideas for gorgeous collages that you can create today!

1. Quotations

Most of us have some quotes that we love, whether they are from famous people, a family member, or ourselves, that propel us to tackle each day with enthusiasm. Or, maybe you like to be reminded of your favorite funny quote from your child or a TV character, to give you a good laugh when you need one. Keep those quotes with you in your purse or pocket at all times by typing them onto a cool background on FollowLife, personalizing them, and saving them to enjoy! You can even share your creations with your friends directly from the app to Facebook or Twitter, to inspire your loved ones, too!

2. Flowers

It is uplifting for us to look at beautiful images of nature, whether those are flowers, sunsets, animals, or our favorite spot in the world. You can create one great collage with all of your favorite beautiful, calming nature photographs with the FollowLife app! You could create a theme such as different colors of roses, all your favorite spring flowers, sunrises in different parts of the world, or simply add all your favorite nature photos to one collage, to have them all in the same place!

3. Vision Board

You’ve seen (and maybe even have) the big poster-sized Vision Boards that people create to help them to dream about and envision what they want for their future. You can create your own vision board collage on FollowLife and carry it with you on your iPhone everywhere you go! That way, any time you need a quick dose of inspiration — even if you are in line at the grocery store — you can just glance at your iPhone and feel uplifted by the wonderful plans you have for your future!

Download the FREE iPhone app FollowLife today, and enjoy organizing your photos into collages, scrapbooks, and photo art!


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