3 Must-Have Scrapbook Ideas for National Wedding Month!

wedding-16887_150February is National Weddings Month! Here are 3 must-have wedding scrapbooks that you can make with the FREE iPhone app FollowLife! Now you have a new fun, free activity for those snowy evenings inside!

1) Make a Wedding Scrapbook for a Friend

Everyone treasures their wedding photos, and a wedding scrapbook makes such a thoughtful gift to a friend or family member who recently got married. The chances are that you may have taken a lot of photos at the wedding yourself (possibly with your iPhone!), and FollowLife makes it a snap to turn those photos on your phone into beautiful collages and scrapbooks that you can then share with your friend! FollowLife offers all kinds of pretty backgrounds, fun stickers, beautiful effects, and text options that you can utilize to make all of your friend’s beautiful wedding photos come to life!

2) Make Your Own Wedding Wish List Collage

Are you engaged to be married? Or, like many women, maybe you just love all things wedding! There is so much to love and admire: the gowns, the flowers, the venues, and all the beautiful moments that take place during weddings and receptions. You may even save some of your favorite photos on your iPhone when you are browsing wedding websites online. Organize all of those photos into one easy-to-find place via a collage or scrapbook in FollowLife! You can save it and even share it with your friends to show all of your great finds!

3) Make an Anniversary Gift for Your Parents

You can make a beautiful, memorable anniversary scrapbook for your parents (or any other friends or family who are married) with FollowLife! What better way to celebrate an anniversary than to revisit their wonderful wedding day through artfully arranged photographs! Just add photos from their wedding day as well as photographs of the happy couple through the years, to commemorate their love! You can even have your creations printed onto gifts that you can purchase in the FollowLife store, within the app, for fun, easy gift-giving!

With the FREE iPhone app FollowLife, you can have all the fun and beauty of scrapbooking with none of the expensive cost!

Grab FollowLife today and start organizing and preserving your beautiful memories as photo art!


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