Make These Sweet Photo Collages for Valentine’s Day!

heart-202582_150It is almost the most love-filled day of the year: Valentine’s Day! This is a wonderful day to show everyone we love what they mean to us. Everyone who is special in your life deserves a fun surprise! Here are ideas for beautiful photo collages you can make to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the FREE iPhone app FollowLife, to enjoy  yourself on your phone, or to share with your friends and family!

1. Make a collage of you and your sweetheart together!

You likely have all kinds of cute photos of you and your boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife together. Surprise your sweetie by making all of those photos into a special collage or scrapbook on FollowLife! Use the pretty photo effects within the app to add to the romance of your photographs, and use all kinds of pretty red and pink background paper, text for writing sweet words, and heart stickers to make a beautiful collage that you can keep on your phone and share (via email, Facebook, or Twitter) with your special someone!

2. Make a collage of you and your family together!

It is important to remember your family members on Valentine’s Day, too! You could make a separate collage for each of your family members: you with your sister, you with your parents, you with your kids, or include your whole family on the same collage or scrapbook! You can share each collage and scrapbook you make on FollowLife with more than one person, so you could make one that includes everyone, and then share it for everyone to enjoy!

3. Make a collage of you and your friends together!

Valentine’s Day is a great time to celebrate your friendships. Your friends who are single may feel a bit left out on Valentine’s Day, and showing them you love them by giving them a pretty photo collage or scrapbook is a wonderful way to make their day more fun! Even if your friends are not single, making a photo collage or scrapbook for them with FollowLife is a fun, free way to show them that you care!

Make sure you don’t forget any of your loved ones on Valentine’s Day! Making a collage or scrapbook for them on the free iPhone app FollowLife is a fun, free way to celebrate your love and friendship and show them what they mean to you!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and grab the new, free iPhone app FollowLife on the iTunes App Store today to turn all your photos into beautiful photo art!


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