3 Great Ideas for Celebrating Creative Romance Month!

heart-159638_150Did you know that February is Creative Romance Month? Well, even if you didn’t, don’t worry — there is still one week left of February during which you can participate in this month-long celebration of love! Who knew that all of February could be like an extension of Valentine’s Day? If you have a special someone, here are great ideas for showing him or her you care by doing sweet things to celebrate your love during this last week of Creative Romance Month!

1. Make a Digital Photo Collage or Scrapbook of Your Sweetheart and You Together

With the new, FREE iPhone app Followlife, available on the iTunes App Store, you can make beautiful photo art collages of you and your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife together — right from all the photos you have on your iPhone! Then you can easily email your creation to him or her, or share it on Facebook or Twitter, so that you can both enjoy it! It’s super fun and easy! All you do is add several photos to a collage (or you can even decorate just one photo), add beautiful digital background paper, stickers, effects, sweet words, and anything else you choose, save it, and share it! You can also create an entire scrapbook (because you probably have enough photos of you with your loved one to fill several collage pages!). Each page of your scrapbook could represent a different theme or a different fun time in your relationship, such as each of the four seasons, various holidays, your vacations, and more! And, in the Followlife store within the app, you even have the option of having your gorgeous photo art made into gifts such as mugs that you can enjoy all day long!

2. Check Out a Museum in Your City Together

Is there a museum in your town, or nearby, that you love and haven’t visited in awhile? Going to a museum can make for a fun, romantic date with your loved one. It’s a quiet, calm environment in which you can walk hand in hand, and you can look at beautiful art or cool historical artifacts. Grab some lunch or dinner at your favorite restaurant afterward to make it a completely fun day!

3. Enjoy Your Photographs Together

If you have been together for a long time, you likely have a lot of great photos of the two of you together. If you are married, you certainly have a beautiful wedding album filled with precious photographs of your special day! Celebrate the history of your love and your time together by taking some time to sit down together and admire your photos from throughout the years. Consider adding some of them to scrapbooks (or digital scrapbooks, like Followlife on your iPhone!) or possibly framing some of them and placing them in your home or offices. Surround yourself with all of your beautiful memories in photographs!

However you choose to celebrate Creative Romance Month, enjoy this special time with your loved one!


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